Practice Philosophy

The cornerstone of Dr. Carani’s practice philosophy rests upon a deeply held conviction that caring for patients is not only an honor but a privilege … a privilege that must be earned every single day. So, how can we incorporate these lofty ideals into daily practice?

First, we strive to provide you with adequate time to express your concerns and healthcare goals. If we cannot address all of your concerns within the confines of a single appointment time slot, we will either bring you back, or, if medically safe and appropriate, you may opt to message Dr. Carani with your (non-emergent) concerns via the secure Patient Portal.

Second, we will gather all the necessary medical information, including reviewing pertinent prior medical records, in order to develop medically sound, evidence-based therapeutic options. We will then discuss these recommendations with you. Ultimately, however, it is you, the patient, who will choose to accept or reject these recommendations.

Third, we respect your privacy. We have instituted a number of policies and procedures within our practice to help ensure that your privacy is protected. (See HIPPA Policy). Sometimes, these procedures may result in additional paperwork or require additional time to complete. We apologize in advance for this but we take the responsibility of protecting your private health information very seriously. If you EVER feel that we have failed in this regard, please contact Dr. Carani IMMEDIATELY and express your concerns.

Fourth, the success of the physician-patient relationship, like any other relationship, requires regular, open and honest communication. If you find that you are unwilling or unable to carry out an agreed upon therapeutic plan, then please discuss this as soon as possible with Dr. Carani. Oftentimes, a modified plan can be crafted or assistance can be provided to help you implement the therapeutic plan.