“We are constantly looking into ways to expand the services we provide to our patients.”

Pulmonary Function Lab

We are proud to announce the opening of our Pulmonary Function Lab which features state of the art Carefusion pulmonary equipment, a brand which has long been trusted by many large hospital systems. The lab is conveniently located within the medical office which frequently  allows us to provide test results at the time of testing. For established pulmonary patients undergoing testing, we can often make small adjustments to your pulmonary treatment plan without the need to wait until your next scheduled appointment.

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) can be invaluable in the diagnosis, follow up and treatment of a number of respiratory disorders. For more information, visit the EDUCATION page of this website and choose the Pulmonary Function test drop-down.


Our 2015 INFLUENZA VACCINE CAMPAIGN is currently underway. CALL US TODAY for you annual influenza vaccination.

While we do not offer comprehensive travel vaccination services, we do provide standard adult vaccines that are indicated for routine health maintenance. Please contact us for further information as our vaccine inventory varies from time to time.  

Phlebotomy/Laboratory Services

As a convenience to our patients, we are happy to collect blood samples and then send these samples on to the appropriate medical laboratory for testing. Our patients often find this a convenient and time saving alternative to visiting the lab.

To facilitate your medical treatment, our medical lab is equipped to conduct a limited number of “point of care” medical tests in our on-site laboratory. Please ask us for more information about these.